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Little France

About the project:

Little France, a premium class residential complex will be built by AAG Holding Company the 20th line of Vasilievsky Island in terms of classic traditions of Saint Petersburg tenement buildings, however with a touch of modernity: its slender elegant facades will be done in sober colours with an emphasis on glazing. The project was designed by Liphart Architects bureau.

The spatial solution also reflects the early 20th-century heritage: two symmetrical buildings overlooking the red line of the street and the indented central wing forming a spacious landscaped courtyard, or cour d’honneur, a French phrase meaning ‘yard of honour’. The main front entrance to the building is located in the courtyard – along the same axis with the driveway. The street facade design takes into account the context: small details and horizontal divisions of the building, as well as its unassertive, but rich decorative detailing reconciles its character with the neighbouring late 19th – early 20th century houses. The central wing of the courtyard building is designed as a single unit with developed sculptural elements.

Little France will represent a housing format quite unique for Saint Petersburg: the ground floor of the complex will house duplex apartments with individual entrances resembling the historic residential buildings of large American cities. Each apartment will be completed with a small front garden, a private parking lot with a utility room and a separate entrance leading into the living room with a wood burning fireplace. The project will also include more traditional apartments: with French balconies, attics and terraces.


5-7, 20th line, 41-43, 12th line,
Vasilievsky Island

of the project

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431 No.
2 комнат
45.6 м2 Area
2.9 м Ceiling
15 000 999 rubles
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2 Phase
5 Entrance
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444 No.
1 Rooms
47.8 S, m2
4.2 mln. rubles
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Payment method: Payment terms:
Equal-sized payments

We offer 10% discount off the down payment for the first installment amounting to 20-44%
We offer 15% discount off the down payment for the first installment amounting to more than 45%
The rest is to be paid in equal-sized installments no later than 20.12.2020

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Payment method: Payment terms:
Equal-sized payments

1 взнос 20%-39% – скидка 10% с первого взноса
1 взнос более 40% ¬ скидка 15% с первого взноса
Остаток равными платежами до 25.03.2022

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Payment method: Payment terms:
100% payment

(15% discount off the base price)

100% as per letter of credit or mortgage

20% as per letter of credit, 80% over the period of 2 months

h6. Payment deferment (10% discount off the base price)

Down payment from 60%, rest after 1 year

Уникальные условия приобретения квартиры в ЖК “Маленькая Франция”
для сотрудников ГК “Газпром”

Payment method: Payment terms:
100% payment

(15% discount off the base price)

100% as per letter of credit or mortgage

20% as per letter of credit, 80% over the period of 2 months

h6. Cкидка 10% от базовой стоимости

Первый взнос от 70% и остаток до 20.12.2021

h3. Условия реализации
*парковочных мест*
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Little France
Little France
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